The Conscious Resistance Network Presents: The Activation Tour

September and October 2021

Beginning September 2021, Derrick Broze and Miriam Gomez will visit 28 cities across the United States to share an urgent message. Every stop on the tour will feature a Community Action Day where Derrick, Miriam, and local activists will volunteer and give back to the community in some way. The main event will feature a guided meditation from Miriam, a brand new presentation from Derrick focused on solutions for vaccine passports and technocracy, and a musical performance by 33 (aka Derrick Broze).

Every stop features:
- A brand new presentation from Derrick Broze
- A guided meditation from Miriam Gomez & music from 33 (aka Derrick Broze)
- Community Action Days, volunteering in every city

Meet the Crew of The Activation Tour

Special guests on select stops:
John Bush, Ramiro Romani, Howard Lichtman, Mark Passio, Jason Bermas, Vanessa & Danny Panzella-Velez, Justin Harvey, Jason Bassler, David Rodriguez, and Ryan Cristian

(Click on your city below to see the locations details)

Southwest and West Coast

Sept 2 - Central Texas with John Bush
Sept 3 - Dallas, TX
Sept 5 - Show Low, AZ
Sept 6 - Sedona, AZ with Etienne de la Boetie2, Troy Casey, Laurie Brander, and Grant Ellman (More details)
Sept 10-11 Portland, OR
Sept 12 - Seattle, WA
Sept 14, 15 - Sebastopol, CA + Day 2 Action Day
Sept 16 - San Francisco, CA
Sept 17 - Modesto, CA
Sept 18, 19 - Santa Cruz, CA with Jason Bassler & David Rodriguez
Sept 20 - Las Vegas, NV
Sept 21, 22 - SLC, UT
Sept 23, 24 - Denver, CO
Sept 26 - Kansas City, MO

Midwest and East Coast

Oct 9 - MidFest in Spavinaw, Oklahoma
Oct 10 - Quad Cities, Iowa with Jason Bermas
Oct 11 - Minneapolis, MN
Oct 12 - Chicago, IL
Oct 13 - Lexington, Kentucky
Oct 16 - Columbus, OH
Oct 17 - Cleveland, OH
Oct 18 - Syracuse, NY
Oct 20 - Brooklyn, NYC with Vanessa & Danny Velez-Panzella
Oct 21, 22 - Philadelphia with Mark Passio
Oct 23 - Asheville, North Carolina (Rescheduled to 6 pm, same location)
Oct 24 - Nashville, TN with Ryan Cristian
Oct 25 - Atlanta, GA
Oct 27 - Orlando, FL with Justin Harvey (We Are Change Orlando)
Oct 29, 30 - Houston, Texas